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As we just had Easter we’ve been doing a lot with eggs around our house.  Then again we always do a lot with eggs as they’re a beautifully easy protein and one of baby girl’s most favorite things.  Combining that with the holiday there was a need to hard cook a lot of eggs.  In the past we’ve done this the traditional way of filling a pan with water, adding eggs and boiling them until the timer goes off. This isn’t a bad way to do things, but does pose certain risks as far as cracked shells, over cooking, under cooking, etc. So we were searching for an easy way to cook a lot of eggs which would peel easily and not make such a mess.

Alton Brown to the rescue.

It’s no surprise my husband, Bunneh, is an Alton fan and we both love the show Good Eats, though it’s been discontinued much to our chagrin. However, Mr. Brown has started doing little youtube video clips, which included a method for baking several dozen eggs at once. We tried it and it was brilliant and worked like a charm.

Here’s how it works:

Wet and wring out one tea towel. Choose one that you don’t mind if it gets a little brown and crusty.

Lay wet tea towel over the upper rack in your oven.

Place eggs on the tea towel, spaced out as evenly as possible along the rack. I can fit 3 dozen this way, meself.

Close and heat oven to 325.  Bake for 20-30 minutes. Test an egg at 20 and add time as needed.

When completed remove from heat and cool. If you are going to peel all your eggs at that point, for deviled eggs or such, place in a large pan, add some cold water and ice and swish around letting the eggs smack against each other to create microcracks and cool faster. This will make them peel more easily. If you want to keep the eggs whole, quickly move to cartons and refrigerate.

Eggs cooked this way are easy, peel fantastically and were perfectly done through.

Baked eggs

Give it a try!